Imagine; digitizing original film in RAW, results in amazing captures of image details and fidelity!

If you ever shot Film (or still shoot Film)

You need FilmToaster!

FilmToaster mentioned in "Shutterbug," "USA Today," and "PDN Magazine" as an,

"Object of Desire"

"Most innovative product at PhotoPlus Expo 2017"

– Observer at PhotoPlus Expo

"A big hit,"Imaging USA 2018, Nashville

Quickly scan film portraits, events, weddings, and history, into digital world for preservation; plus discover unlimited sources of additional income—already in your archives.

FILMTOASTER! Uncompromised! Now, outselling flatbed/film scanners!

Custom built for Your Camera/lens & Shipped within 36 hours!


World's first (and fastest) 35mm, medium format and 4x5, film-to-digital, camera-capturing platform system; surpasses FADGI Image Performance Guidelines.

FilmToaster, a small-form factor (SFF) platform created with timeless aesthetics,

integrates camera,, film, and lighting;

all in a perfect six-inch desktop environment!

Exceptionally superb results with mirrorless cameras!

Full-frame cameras with 60mm-105 mm Macro, inner-focus prime lenses

most suitable.

...Platform empowers your camera to unlock pristine nuances embedded in original film!

Outrageous Specifications:

50 times faster/sharper than Epson V850/11000*

Nikon CoolScan and *Plustek,*

Equals drum-scan Flextight* quality and 1/3 additional usable data.


Now: Only-$1499 with selection of 1-Filmholder


FT45 Wedge with rails $399

DAKOTA Glass/Acrylic Film Holders Now available - $299 Additional

 Designed by a photographer/archivist at a small research university which tackled a collection of nearly one million negatives. Now, with 32mp DSLRs, certified to outperform drum scanners costing eight times as more.


We also do installations!


Created with timeless aesthetics, integrates film, 5000K lighting, and your camera; all in a perfect environment!

Face reality:Typically, engineers retrofitted legend document scanners, to scan film with a three-pass concept; a $3.00 mirror, $7.00 lamp, and $40 lens. How does $50 material cost
in a $800 - $2,000 flatbed compare with FilmToaster system and a precision lens on your DSLR or mirrorless camera? No wonder, FilmToaster, a 32mp camera and macro lens blows away $18,000 drum scanners.
Let us build one for you today!

Think Smart. Order FilmToaster today!

(• Full frame DSLRs require

1:1 ratio, minumum focusing distance of 11 inches

and 80mm-105mm Macro, with inner focusing.)

4x5 Captures require 50-60mm Macro Lenses



SONY a7 II(all full frames), FE90mm Macro 2.8

NIKON D810-D850 (all full frames), Nikon AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8

CANON (all full frames), with 100mm Macro 2.8


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