FilmToaster mentioned in "Shutterbug," "USA Today," and "PDN Magazine" as an,

"Object of Desire"

Quickly scan film portraits, events, weddings, and history, into the digital world for preservation; plus discover unlimited sources of additional income—already in your archives.

FILMTOASTER! Uncompromised! Now, outselling flatbed/film scanners


World's first (and fastest) 35mm, medium format and 4x5, film-to-digital, camera-capturing platform; surpasses FADGI Image Performance Guidelines. 

The FilmToaster platform, created with timeless aesthetics,

integrates film, lighting, and your camera;

 all in a perfect six-inch environment on your desktop!

Exceptionally superb results with mirrorless cameras!

...only apparatus  capable of unlocking pristine nuances embedded in original film!

Outrageous Specifications:

50 -75 times faster and sharper than Epson V850/11000* 

Nikon CoolScan and *Plustek,* 

Equals drum-scan Flextight* quality and 1/3 additional usable data.


 Debuted internationally - PhotoPlus Expo - New York

 Only- $1299 (without holders)

Only-$1699 (with 5 holders.) 

Only-$999 FILMTOASTER Personal

FT45 Wedge $299 additional

 Designed by a photographer/archivist at a small research university where they tackled a collection of nearly one million negatives. Now, with 32mp DSLRs, certified to outperform drum scanners costing eight times as much.

FilmToaster: A passive platform that out-performs everything! 

If you ever shot film - sooner or later, this is a must accessory! 

And we only sell direct! We also do installations!

Knowing a long-time, flatbed scanners suck, smart photographers set-up copying stands, or tripods, and a light box; and with their digital camera, out-perform any scanner in the universe.  

Enter the FilmToaster:

Created with timeless aesthetics, integrates film, lighting, and your camera; all in a perfect environment!

Lets face facts: Engineers retrofitted legend document scanners, typically, to scan film with a three-pass concept; a $3.00 mirror, $7.00 lamp, and $40 lens.  How does $50 material cost
in a $800 - $2,000 flatbed compare with the FilmToaster system and a precision lens on your DSLR or mirrorless camera? No wonder, the FilmToaster, a 32mp camera and lens blows away $18,000 drum scanners.
Think Smart. Order FilmToaster today!

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