Film Toaster with 5 - Film Holders $1,699.00
FilmToaster is the world's fastest multi format film platform. Five slots on each side accepts five included film holders; 35mm Film Strip, 35mm Slide/Long Roll, 35mm Twin Bay Strip, Medium Format (120, 220, 2-1/4", 645, 6x7, 6x9, and 4x5 with an industry-first, piano hinge. Other slots accommodate a wide range of readily-available commercial carriers commonly used in flat bed and dedicated film scanners.


• 5 - Film Holders (described above)

• Interchangeable Film Holder Guides

• Handles/Roll Film Holders

• Metal construction securely holds negatives or other media for volume usage & consistent results

• Vertical or horizontal position on desktop or tripod

• 3 Tripod connections

• Connects to all macro or closeup lenses via 52mm –72mm connectors

• Use of DSLR or mirrorless camera body types

• 5000K LED source for consistent results/AC Adapter & Battery caable

• Alternate acrylic opal plate for even light source

• Anodized exterior & "Pitch Black" interior to minimize reflection


• 3 - 1/4-20" tripod thread mounts

• Unit Size:6x6x9 inches

• Removable Top Plate for Customization

• Weight: 6.75 lbs

• Magnetic Slot Covers control light entering unused carrier openings
1-35mm Slide/Roll Combination:
Total Price: $1,699.00
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