Selected Partial List of World-Wide Client Features

Museums, Archival Labs & Elite Photographers


Danny Thomas Children Center


18 ASMP Members

Barry Goldwater Foundation

(Recent exhibit in Scottsdale & scanned images appear in

Arizona Highways.

3 Sony Artisans of Imagery

8 CANON Ambassadors

2 NIKON Ambassadors

Mirko Panic - Rupublic of Serbia

NSW Dept. Of Planning, Emvironment - Maitland, NSW Australia

Pigozzi Collection - New York

Nova Scotia Museum - Halifax Nova Scotia

Lenanthal Collection - New York

Wright Collection - Lapel, Indiana

Instituto Mareira, AV Paulista, Spain

Cloud South Films - Napier, New Zealand

Penobscot Marine Museum - Seaport Maine

Film Users Unlimited - Stuggart, Germany

Collier Collection - Cody, Wy

Leekley Collection - Anahola, HI

Schoenhals Collection - Chicago, Tulsa OK

Barry Goldwater Collection - Atlanta, Georgia

Sorbonne Collection - Paris, France

Elias Collection - Chicago, Illinois

Esadosa Moejua Sur Collection, Buenos Aires, SA

Kollczynsk Collection - Orlando, Florida

Myers Collection - Greenville, SC

Stokes Collection - Jefferson City, MO

Lytle Collection - San Antonio, TX

Mersereau Collection - Chevy Chase, MD

Taft Collection - LaMesa, CA

Blake Collection - Dublin IE

Kraft Collection - Fargo, North Dakota

Stanley Collection - Dallas Texas

Picture News Agency - Stocholm, Sweden

Gertler Collection - Golden, CO

Celebrity Collection - Las Vegas, NV

Pasco Collection - Parkville, MD

Rodges Collection - Las Vegas, NV

Malashenok Collection - San Franciso, CA

Dhamers Collection - Glen Ellyn, IL

Dewees Collection - Weehawken, NJ

Heubeck Review - Diespeck, Germany

Osborne Collection - Port Townsend, WA

Video Syncracies - Burlington, VT

Shultz Collection - Allentown, PA

FitzPatrick Collection - Highlands, NC

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

Claflin University - Orangeburg, SC (3 in Use)

Greene Collection - New Castle, VA

Whitman Collection - Arlington, VA

Lippert Collection - Altamonta Springs, FL

Lesnick Collection - San Franciso, CA



  All nuances of original film; less dust and scratches, no blown highlights, and typical 1/50th second vs 2-1/2 minutes with flatbeds.

All on your desktop in a modern cozy environment!

 Some original film negatives were highly overexposed but easily corrected and cropped while camera scanning.

Color negative film with orange casts corrected using RAW, blue filter and additional post production in Lightroom and Photoshop.

In accompanying images

SCANNED BY FILMTOASTER seconds vs minutes with flatbeds

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