FilmToaster with Bellows $2,599.00
Film Toaster Film Duplicator with side plates and 19-fold bellows is a platform to mount full frame DSLRs with macro lens and make digital copies rapidly and quality/resolution-wise, to the limits of your supporting camera. The internal nineteen-fold bellows enables increased workflow over the full slot range by about 10% only in instance with frequent format changes. Film Toaster is designed for advanced and professional photographers, film photo enthusiasts, museums, digital archiving institutions, and those still using film cameras. Combined with today’s rapidly changing digital technology, in reality it is a “miniature desktop darkroom.”
The 16 gauge metal platform measures only 6X6X9 and custom-crafted with sixty-five CNC stages. Unique among all other film duplicators, the Film Toaster digitizes 35mm, medium format film rolls and 4x5 sheet film. Film holders must be ordered separately. The XD model is not available with bellows.
Total Price: $2,599.00
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