Rent world's fastest and highest quality film scanner at reasonable weekly rates. An advance payment via Paypal or verified bank card, physical address and signed rental agreement. Call 803-531-1662 to initiate rental program. Please remember, camera, macro lens, extension tubes, and SD cards are not included with any program.

1. Rentals not returned on date due are subject to additional charges on your card

2. Broken, scarred, or items missing will be charged at retail repair/replacement fees

3. Rental fees include shipping to you and return shipping fees for timely arrival back on due date.

4. We reserve right for final rental conditions based on other required information.



FilmToaster rentals are a minimum of 7 or 14 day periods. Rentals beyond 2 weeks are considered impractical and purchasing is suggested.

Shipping is available anywhere in 48 contiguous states. Securely packaged shipments is delivered pre-paid to renter. 

Signatures required as proof of delivery. 

FilmToaster Unit

1- Week Rental - $350

2- Week Rental - $650

FT45 Wedge 

1 - Week Rental - $75 extra

2 - Week Rental - $100 extra


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