FilmToaster DAKOTA


FilmToaster Dakota Film Duplicator is a CNC-crafted metal platform to mount your own full-frame DSLR with macro lens...and make digital copies rapidly and quality/resolution-wise, to limits of supporting camera.  Magnetized side plates (or screw in) on each side of adjustable slot block extraneous light.  Expansive single opening with reference indicator increases focusing solutions across 35mm to 4x5 formats —even rolls.

FilmToaster is designed for advanced professional photographers, film photo enthusiasts, museums, digital archiving institutions, and film-camera advocates.  Rigid-yet adjustable film plane holds camera perpendicular to film. 16-gauge metal platform measures only 6x6x10 inch and custom-crafted with sixty-five CNC stages.  Unique among all other concepts, FilmToaster platform rig transforms DSLRs into a desk-top digitization tool for 35mm, medium format, rolls and 4x5 sheet film. Durable Film holders - available at additional cost.

Number 1 solution migrating legacy film archives into digital workflow!

Now - over 5000 in use world-wide by leading photographers and museums!

All units include:

 Bright (yet cool) internal & removable LED  5300K CRI (90+) with diffusion screen 

49mm, 52mm, 58mm, & 62mm  Connector Adapter with rotator, tubes and lens cap

Combination Dual Handles/Rolls Film Support

Durable Vinyl Dust Cover

24-Page Instruction Manual plus 9-9 Passionate Support


OPTION 1: Features Magnetized Side Plates for platform blackout - $1499

Our most popular unit includes everything needed for most photographers who have modest scanning needs up to hundreds of thousands. (Film holders extra)

OPTION 2: All above plus 19-fold bellows which facilitates 20 % faster format settings - $2199

OPTION 3:  Versatile film archiving system capable of horizontal, angled or vertical setups, designed for large volume usage for museums and industrial purposes - $3199

Accepts all brands of DSLRs. Require macro lenses 60-105mm with 4 -14 inch minimum focusing distance.

Recommended 60-75mm macro lens for 4x5 captures.

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